Tuning the Soul: Worlds of Jewish Sacred Music
by Richard Kaplan and Michael Ziegler

Vocal performances of a host of under-exposed gems from around the Jewish world - Middle Eastern songs, Andalusian melodies, Chasidic nigguns, and original Hebrew chants accompanied by a full ensemble of instrumentalists. A 20-page booklet with background on all the songs is included.

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Life of the Worlds: Journeys in Jewish Sacred Music
By Richard Kaplan


A remarkable collection of vocal performances of Jewish Sacred Music from the Middle East, Andalusia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia - songs of exultation, longing, love, and Divine immanence - accompanied by an ensemble of masterful musicians. The 32-page booklet includes song descriptions; all texts are provided in transliteration, English translation, and in Hebrew or Yiddish.

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The Hidden One: Jewish Mystical Songs
By Richard Kaplan

A wide-ranging collection of contemplative, devotional, meditative and healing songs for spiritual practice and pure enjoyment - songs from Greece, Turkey, Spain, Eastern Europe and Inner Asia. Vocalist and Cantor Richard Kaplan is accompanied by an ensemble of stellar musicians. A 24-page booklet is included with song descriptions and lyrics.

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